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Massachusetts Inmate Search

A Massachusetts inmate search allows the public to search for incarcerated inmates in jails and state prisons. The Massachusetts Department of Correction (MADOC) is primarily responsible for keeping inmate information. 


What Are Massachusetts Inmate Records?

Inmate records are considered public records under Massachusetts law, where the public can find detailed information on people incarcerated in the state’s correctional facilities. An inmate record contains information on the inmate’s full name, offense, incarceration date and expected release date, and other similar information. Some inmate records may also contain mug shots if available. 


What Are Massachusetts Prison and Jail Records?

Massachusetts has 15 state prisons which the Department of Correction manages and oversees. The state also has 19 jails across its 14 counties. The state also has one federal prison, the Federal Medical Center Devens, which the Northeast Regional Office of the Federal Bureau of Prisons oversees, dedicated to male inmates who require mental health or long-term medical care. 


How To Perform Inmate Search in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts inmate search database uses the VINELink website using an inmate’s commitment number or their complete first and last name. If inmate information is unavailable through VINELink, requestors can find inmate information via phone by calling (866) 277-7477. 

The Massachusetts Department of Corrections also accepts public records requests by creating an account through their web app or making telephone requests to the Records Access Officer at (508) 422-3436.

A public records request for inmate records is also available via mail address to the Primary Records Access Officer:

Kate Silvia
Primary RAO
Department of Correction
50 Maple Street
Milford, MA 01757

Third-party websites also offer free inmate searches. However, the available information may be limited and vary from website to website. 


How To Contact an Inmate in Massachusetts

After a successful Massachusetts inmate search, interested family and friends can contact an inmate by mail provided that the letter includes the following inmate information: 

  • First and last name
  • Commitment number (for more accurate identification)
  • Complete address of the facility where the inmate is currently incarcerated

Note that all incoming and outgoing mails are subject to an inspection by the Massachusetts DOC. 

Another way is to send emails to inmates using Corrlinks at $0.25 per email or contact them via phone using Securus


How To Visit an Inmate in Massachusetts

Friends and family can visit inmates at any facility without a prior schedule. Video visits, on the other hand, are still required to be scheduled. 


How To Send Money to an Inmate in Massachusetts

Inmates in Massachusetts can receive funds online, by phone, in person, or via mail from interested family and friends. 

Below are the different ways how to send money to an inmate in Massachusetts. 


This is the fastest and most convenient method of sending money to inmates. Interested parties can download Access Corrections and set up their accounts to send funds to inmates using MasterCard or Visa.


Access Corrections also has a toll-free number at 1-866-345-1884 to help interested parties send funds to inmates. 


Friends and family can send funds to inmates using money orders and checks, with forms available online or at facility lobbies, addressed to the MADOC Secure Deposits lockbox:

Secure Deposits - Massachusetts DOC
PO Box 12486,
St. Louis
MO 63132

Funds via mail are processed within two (2) business days upon receipt. A 10-day holding also applies to all funds sent via check. 



Sending funds to inmates in-person involves dropping off a money order or a check at the facility where an inmate is incarcerated. This is where a Massachusetts inmate search is handy since the party sending the funds in person must call the facility to verify the information of the receiver (inmate). Once verified, money orders or checks should be dropped at the box found in the lobby labeled “Inmate Funds.” 


Both checks and money orders should include the inmate’s full name together with their commitment number. A 7-day holding period also applies for all checks and money orders amounting to more than $200.


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